After the damage caused by the heavy rain to the pavilion roof and ceiling over the Xmas period.
Lengthy discussion took place with the insurance company and loss adjuster they chose to appoint.
Finally, Dave Cooper was appointed to carry out the repairs, this work commenced today Monday 25 March 2013.
This means that the roof will not leak any more; a complete new ceiling will be installed.
Thanks to Clive Reynolds for his organising in the background, and to those members of the Club who helped get the clubhouse ready for today’s events.
Everything will be shipshape and Sodbury fashion for the start of the new season.
A reminder to everyone that NatWest Cricket Force Weekend over the Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 April will involve amongst other jobs getting the pavilion in to its normal state.
Rain or shine there is work to be done; we need every one to get involved.