Arrangements for the Tenty Tenty Day

Sunday 26th August 2012

Please arrive by 10am for a 10:30 start

Order of Play

10:30 – 3 v 4 (Main) 1 v 2 (JC)
12:30 – Youth Presentation
13:45 – 2 v 3 (Main) 1 v 4(JC)
15:00 – 2 v 4 (Main) 1 v 3(JC)
16:30 – FINAL (Main)

Team 1 – Rest of World

(please wear any colour of Kit)

    J Toghill (Capt)
    J Penfold
    C Scully
    M Rendell
    K Hemming
    A Febry
    A Morgan
    J Thacker
    R Deane
    K Baker
    P Graham

Team 2 – West Indies

(please wear anything Red)

    Ja Rendell (Capt)
    H Webb
    B Jater
    N Wake
    B Weaver
    M Pearson
    J Havard
    D Brown
    C Ross
    T Wingent
    J Millett

Team 3 England

(please wear anything Blue)

    J Wakefield (Capt)
    R Howell
    L Walters
    T Febry
    A Forrester
    D Morgan
    S Febry
    J Pearson
    B Gast
    A Edwards
    R Higgs

Team 4 – New Zealand

(please wear anything Black)

    S Clapp (Capt)
    C Willoughby
    J Philpott
    C Schnareck
    R Bennett
    J Newman
    J Davis
    S Doidge
    G Ross
    M Poole
    M Gerrard

The Small print


    10 overs per side per innings
    Batting order 1 – 5 bat 6 wicketkepper 7 – 11 bowlers
    Each bowler allowed 2 overs per innings.
    First 9 overs no extra ball for Wides or No Balls, but 2 runs,
    final over extra balls for wides or no balls
    If tied innings then team losing fewest wickets are winners
    A ‘6’ counts double