Our First XI plays in the Gloucestershire County League Division 1, with the 2nd team in Division 4. Matches are on Saturdays.  Summer training is on Thursdays

Season Stats

Highest Score
1st XI
Jake Reed 85
D Steadman 54
Jake Reed 54
Jason Thomson 53
Jake Reed 50
Highest Score
2nd XI
Robert Mozelewski 84
Andy Neal 76
Sourish Mukherjee 71
Ben Boardman 66
Andy Neal 65
Highest Total Runs
1st XI
Jake Reed 403
Lee Walters 225
Jason Thomson 224
Craig Scully 161
James Rendell 123
Highest Total Runs
2nd XI
Robert Mozelewski 249
Jim Davis 236
Andy Neal 152
Oliver Morris 143
Ben Boardman 139
Most Fours
1st XI
Jake Reed 43
Lee Walters 32
Jason Thomson 30
Craig Scully 24
Tom Febry 15
Most Fours
2nd XI
Jim Davis 17
Jake Kirkham 15
Ben Boardman 15
Bryan Jater 11
Chris Meredith 10
Highest Average Runs
1st XI
D Steadman 54
Jake Reed 29
Jason Thomson 22
Andy Neal 22
Lee Walters 17
Highest Average Runs
2nd XI
Tom Febry 124
Craig Scully 52
Andy Neal 51
Sourish Mukherjee 39
Mason Poole 34

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League Table

do nothing
1Charlton Kings CC - 1st XI18266
2Tewkesbury CC - 1st XI18231
3Cheltenham CC - 2nd XI18222
4Kingsholm CC - 1st XI18201
5Chipping Sodbury CC - 1st XI18197
6Aston Ingham CC - 1st XI18189
7Poulton CC - 1st XI18181
8Westbury-on-Severn CC, Glos - 1st XI18179
9Lydney CC - 1st XI18139
10Cam CC - 1st XI18135
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1Tewkesbury CC - 2nd XI18278
2Dumbleton CC - 2nd XI18245
3Cheltenham Civil Service CC - 2nd XI18210
4Corse & Staunton CC - 2nd XI18206
5Sheepscombe CC - 1st XI18202
6Dymock CC - 1st XI18196
7Chipping Sodbury CC - 2nd XI18190
8Cranham CC, Glos - 1st XI18187
9Cheltenham CC - 3rd XI18136
10Birdlip & Brimpsfield CC - 1st XI18125
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Results and Fixtures