How much does it cost to join CSCC? After two years of chaos we have finally been able to review the club membership fees to ensure that we are able to provide cricket for the next 160 years. We have invested heavily of late in both on and off the field activities and want to continue to do so. Furthermore, as the club becomes more professional, we cannot rely solely on our volunteer base to cover tasks.

We have therefore reviewed our current set up, the arrangements at other cricket clubs and also local football, rugby, tennis and golf clubs. We have also listened to feedback from members who feel that a simple payment to cover all of their cricketing costs is preferable, as this helps budget throughout the year and simplifies the match day experience.

Rest assured, the bar will continue to be the main source of income generation for the club and we will be looking to utilise our facilities twelve months of the year to members and non-members. We are also working hard behind the scenes to promote social events and private hire of the club for functions, weddings, birthdays etc. Members will continue to benefit from reduced bar prices, facility hire and first refusal on any events that we run.

We have also decided to borrow the idea from some of our neighbours in that if you were able to persuade someone (your employer, family, business or a contact at work) to sponsor a boarding at the club for 2022, we will discount the profit made on this from your fees for 2022. As a rough guide, the new larger solid wood boards for 2022 should cost £300 to a sponsor and the profit of £150 can be used to offset fees.

The new payment structure came in to effect from 1st January 2022 and is an annual payment paid online via Spond. During January members will receive a payment request in Spond. Should you feel that you would like to pay in smaller amounts then that option is available, we ask that this is done by standing order. The amount is a simple division of the total amount divided by the number of payments. So if paying monthly, which is the most popular, an annual full playing membership will be £20 per month. Of course if the payments aren’t started until February then the division is by 11, that is £21.82 per month; and if not started until July then £40 per month. From 2024 there is also an option to pay by instalments on Spond, which can be decided when the first payment is made.

Standing Order Details

  • Name: Chipping Sodbury Cricket Club
  • Acct No: 40804185
  • Sort Code: 208458
  • Reference: Members name, ie for a child their name


Please ask a coach or manager, you can also email

The table lays out the various categories of membership, what is included in each, and how much each costs. As with all things feel free to discuss any concerns, either in person or by email to

There is a decreasing amount for children. For a second child the amount is halved to £60 the same for a third child to £30. Also, the first child of a playing member is halved to £60 etc.

The club Lotto is separate to club membership, details can be found here.

CategoryWhat’s included?Cost
Life MemberFull membership, including playing, training and member discounts.Complimentary
Adult Playing Member – Option 0for players fully committed to the club and expecting to be available for the majority of matches. This is full paying membership at £240 per season (£180 for women playing in just the women’s team), paid in either a lump sum or regular standing order. The member is fully included in the weekly selection process and receives the full package (Winter nets, match fees, social membership, playing top*)£240/£180
Adult Playing Member – Option 1for players that are unsure how many matches they will play, but wish to be considered for fixtures each week after full members. This is Social Membership, £60 paid up front, with a match fee of £10 payable on or before the match day. The member has social membership but none of the other items associated with full membership. Winter nets is not included and is charged at £5 per session.£60 + £10 per match
Adult Playing Member – Option 2for infrequent players, included in team selection after those on options 0 and 1. If a player plays five matches they will be expected to become social members, that is, convert to Option 1£10 per match
Adult (Full Time Education)(18+)Winter nets, match fees, social membership£120
Youth (Under 18)Summer Training, match fees and family social membership, winter nets. For those joining the club after winter nets but before the start of the season there is a 50% reduction. For those joining mid season it is £5 per full month from the point of joining to the end of the training period.£120
Youth (Under 9)Summer Training, match fees and family social membership. (If a child is also participating in All Stars or Dynamos the cost of those courses is deducted from the CSCC membership)£60
Family playing membership (1 Adult & 1 Youth)Winter nets, match fees, social membership (discounted bar), adult playing top* (based on a full playing member, and one youth with 50% reduction)£300
Family (additional youth)Each additional child from the same family has a 50% reduction, that is, £120 then £60, down to £30£60
Social MembershipSocial member-discounted bar, priority invite to club events, membership is for the member as well as their spouse or partner£60
*shirts are provided each time the main sponsor is changed and only when the full annual sub has been paid